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Colin Troy | Training and Consultancy Services for anyone involved in Special and Additional Needs

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Colin Troy | Special Educational Needs Training courses

Training and Consultancy Services

for anyone involved in Special and Additional Needs

Colin Troy’s rich and varied career of many years includes experience as both a school and college head. Beyond this he has also worked as a manager, teacher, foster carer and trainer. He is a consultant, working nationally and internationally, including Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Asia.


After being a head of a residential school and a specialist Further Education College, he is now a consultant, trainer and lecturer specialising in learners of all ages with special educational needs, including Autism, Emotional and Behavioural Needs

and Specific Learning Difficulties.


Colin also runs mentoring courses for

learners and teachers, management

seminars and has advised the Home Office on creating  accessible resources for the Autism Spectrum.


Colin has worked extensively in the UK and has trained for schools, colleges, parent partnerships and local authorities. He is still practising in schools and also works with

and supports adults and young people with

a variety of special needs.  He has worked

with the UN Development Fund promoting awareness on special needs issues and

has been a keynote speaker at several International Schools Conferences

including Prague, Madrid and Cambridge.

Colin Troy

Colin Troy Special Needs Training Colin Troy Coaching and Mentoring for Special and Additional Needs

“I have always endeavoured to develop a holistic approach to teaching and training. I want to give experiential and reflective opportunities as well as practical, sound knowledge and information.


I bring a wide range of experience as well as a passionate belief in the need for understanding and effective teaching of young people with special, specific and emotional needs.


My current work is based on forming positive and supportive relationships with organisations, utilising my experience and skills to help steer them through the many challenges that they are now facing.


I bring experience, enthusiasm and empowerment to training and consultancy.”